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JAPANESE YAKUZA GANGSTERS & R35 GTR POWERED HIACE VAN! *TOKYO NIGHTS* hrworld.info/home/video/rM1of6p3fqyHmLI.html
MY NEW R34 GTR GOT $20,000 IN NISMO MODS BUT ENDS IN FAILURE! hrworld.info/home/video/iddhfLeog5Bzecg.html
MEET MY NEW 1200 WHP R35 GTR SUPERCAR! *9 months in the making* hrworld.info/home/video/ltJlfpqtrZmXj9Q.html
BUILDING MY R34 GTR TO DESTROY ALL MY SUPERCARS! hrworld.info/home/video/a7qcqLCMi4Ccqdg.html

  • You meant R34 not R35

    Joseph wardenJoseph wardenPrije mjesec
  • The tenuous van contrarily decay because napkin superficially hope via a stiff nurse. horrible, breezy bead

    Brendan PassarellBrendan PassarellPrije mjesec
  • Get a gt3 rs🔥🔥🔥❤️

    Kabelo MokwanaKabelo MokwanaPrije mjesec
  • 0:31 why is no one talking about how he disrespected the r34 for the r35😐

    Ashton EspinoAshton EspinoPrije mjesec
  • yellow

    Jordan TaylorJordan TaylorPrije mjesec
  • The illustrious bottle histopathologically wink because wish expectedly groan barring a dashing honey. puny, screeching fireplace

    John SmithJohn SmithPrije mjesec
  • Venom Gt

    Doser DieselDoser DieselPrije mjesec
  • thats such a car guy thing to do. change the color of your car now go driving it since its now a different color

    Ker PlunkKer PlunkPrije mjesec
  • YELLOW!!!💛💛

    Jheloise NaluzJheloise NaluzPrije mjesec
  • DDE would have the issue of calling his R34 a R35

    Crazy LyleCrazy LylePrije mjesec
  • Yellow

    Hector ReyesHector ReyesPrije mjesec
  • Murci and Gallardo are DDE as heck lol

    Hector ReyesHector ReyesPrije mjesec
  • Mamma Mia! hahaha

    Stocky BaldmanStocky BaldmanPrije mjesec
  • Stop at 8:44 lmao

    Adrees MayarAdrees MayarPrije mjesec
  • Or a Bugatti Chiron or Hennessy venom gt

    Jordan WilliamsJordan WilliamsPrije mjesec
  • Well Dave you should sell you squarda corse a get svj or laferrari

    Jordan WilliamsJordan WilliamsPrije mjesec
  • Do your lambo bright lime green

    ROBIN 666ROBIN 666Prije mjesec
  • Dave should wrap the car lime green

    i Eaglei EaglePrije mjesec
  • Every DDE video I have watched since I have subscribed gets a like. So don't worry I got ya covered!!!!

    C TroxC TroxPrije mjesec

    B-Bazz RacingB-Bazz RacingPrije mjesec
  • Antony needs a car!!!!!!!

    Estevan ZaragozaEstevan ZaragozaPrije mjesec
  • Me waiting for you in integrate the 765lt air scoop to the back glass of the 720gtr 👁👄👁

    kingkk13kingkk13Prije mjesec
  • 🏳️‍🌈

    David EstesDavid EstesPrije mjesec
  • Verde Mantis

    Jonathan StraussJonathan StraussPrije mjesec
  • Ya'll should keep the side skirts purple it looks really good

    Sam CrawfordSam CrawfordPrije mjesec
  • Wrap the yellow parts of the Murci in your hoodie color and leave the black parts black

    MMPrije mjesec
  • You should rap the r34 like Paul walkers 2fast2furious r34

    Joseph CollinsJoseph CollinsPrije mjesec
  • Rap it green

    Hayden SimsHayden SimsPrije mjesec
  • Anthony keeps hitting Damon with that "totally" hahahahah

    Jefta CederstamJefta CederstamPrije mjesec
  • I can’t wait till the 34 is loader and shoots flames

    AJAJPrije mjesec
  • You should sell the Lamb and get your first Ferrari! Don’t spend a mil though.

  • the Ferrari sf90

    Tauseef DarTauseef DarPrije mjesec
  • Mia’s car is B E A utiful

    Rick SolisRick SolisPrije mjesec
  • Ahhh don’t be a sissy 750 to 1000hp is a beast. Check out TRC channel they have a white one on there that will blow your mind.

    Rick SolisRick SolisPrije mjesec
  • Anthony looks like the old uncle, trying to be young and hip wearing hoodies and caps 😂

    JohnsonJacksonJohnsonJacksonPrije mjesec
  • Damon, It's great to see, but not everyone who can afford these cars can afford to drive them the way they would like to, I know I can't, & I'm on a lower level, Hatchback 300hp.

    no thankyouno thankyouPrije mjesec
  • Puss

    trdcelicatrdcelicaPrije mjesec
  • Ko

    Nahom HailuNahom HailuPrije mjesec
  • tough question...depends if u guys are willing to get crazy with the hypercar but i'd go with the first crazy 918 build or senna

    iHeartEDM EdmlifeiHeartEDM EdmlifePrije mjesec
  • The phone camera seamed better

    Dan AulenbackDan AulenbackPrije mjesec
  • More mia

    Chace SchnackChace SchnackPrije mjesec
  • Get a P1

    Theman 123351Theman 123351Prije mjesec
  • buy the 812 n largo

    Inside CarWorldInside CarWorldPrije mjesec
  • BUILD THE R34🤷🏽‍♂️

    Jorge GonzalezJorge GonzalezPrije mjesec
  • Please get a new Ford gt the 3.5 ecoboost do a titanium exhaust and tune!!!!!

    402 SHO402 SHOPrije mjesec
  • Hey guys, do you have course how to make money for one of those cars? 😅🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ Always you DDE while I live like almost bam :/

    mYBrainmYBrainPrije mjesec
  • Chrome gold wrap the merci 😂😂

    C0by 3lli5C0by 3lli5Prije mjesec
  • 250k likes for the yellow Bentley yeahhh!!!

    ZiekizationZiekizationPrije mjesec
  • Please give anthony a salvage but a great car for him to build.

    Andrean RakkaAndrean RakkaPrije mjesec
  • Love that yellow like

    Shaawn WShaawn WPrije mjesec
  • how about wrapping lp640 in satin white with gold highlights like the svj 63 edition

    GLADIUS AR11GLADIUS AR11Prije mjesec
  • Both of the lambos should get a frosted protective film!

    Formula ShiftFormula ShiftPrije mjesec
  • stay yellow like the bumblebee movie

  • YELLOW!!!

    mor stmor stPrije mjesec
  • If you guys get a SXS HIT ME UP!!! Let’s get some Wet Sounds on there!

    thomas hawkinsthomas hawkinsPrije mjesec
  • Wrap the murcielago lime green

    Ragnar ArnþórssonRagnar ArnþórssonPrije mjesec
  • SF90 for Dave!

    Mr BMr BPrije mjesec
  • How did this guys make all.this money what they do for a living

    Marty JacqzMarty JacqzPrije mjesec
  • Dave...please buy Myvi, its the fastest car in Malaysia with 700hp and 748 torque

    ZikriZikriPrije mjesec
  • go titanium exhaust

    Jetdanga_ lencianoJetdanga_ lencianoPrije mjesec

    Jett AguilarJett AguilarPrije mjesec
  • Dave should get a Ferrari F40

    Pat JacquesPat JacquesPrije mjesec
  • Damon should paint all of the matte black pieces on his murcielago the same lambo yellow and then put the italian flag racing stripes down the side like the Squadra

    Quentin SullivanQuentin SullivanPrije mjesec
  • Acid green should be the next color

    Joshon2wheelsJoshon2wheelsPrije mjesec
  • Please no Yellow ever

    That crazy car lifeThat crazy car lifePrije mjesec
  • Get a bugatti

    Lucas ReedLucas ReedPrije mjesec
  • Love the vid bud

    RFF GarageRFF GaragePrije mjesec
  • Koenigsegg.... or PAGANI

    Steel City SupercarsSteel City SupercarsPrije mjesec
  • Lime green with those black wheels and accents would be sick af

    Sean BakerSean BakerPrije mjesec
  • Try to get a venom GT

    Cody247!Cody247!Prije mjesec
  • Yellow like dave

    xspower mandoxspower mandoPrije mjesec
  • Dave should look into a Ferrari Laferrari. Maybe even an Aperta model to match the Huracan Evo Aperta. Id love to see a video on one!

    BiscuitsNGr4vyBiscuitsNGr4vyPrije mjesec
  • Ferrari la Ferrari

    Jaryn HainlineJaryn HainlinePrije mjesec
  • Dave should get a novitec 812 n largo 812

    Seth HermanskiSeth HermanskiPrije mjesec
  • Keep it yellow

    Dillon CampbellDillon CampbellPrije mjesec
  • Shock Yellow that GM used on the Camaro

    J ScottJ ScottPrije mjesec
  • Check this car out!!

    Chris RogersChris RogersPrije mjesec
  • That lark pink is amazing

    Juce WayneJuce WaynePrije mjesec
  • getting stradman vibes from this

    Devonte ThomasDevonte ThomasPrije mjesec

    Gabriel WoodGabriel WoodPrije mjesec
  • Yoooooo is the Ferrari we’re not supposed to see the yellow one right 19:14 and is that a sf90👀👀

    NJSTARS6NJSTARS6Prije mjesec
  • Yellow

    Pink_FlmngPink_FlmngPrije mjesec
  • I love the yellow it so iconic for that car

    caleb keanucaleb keanuPrije mjesec
  • Trust me r34 is pretty planted with a 1000hp u will be surprised how smooth the ride is and how well it handles

    caleb keanucaleb keanuPrije mjesec
  • I want to work with you I live in your area

    Daily car lifeDaily car lifePrije mjesec
  • Keep the squadra!!! As for the cool mil? Get a Senna!!!!!!!!!!

    Joshua JonesJoshua JonesPrije mjesec
  • Who's here to watch Anthony search for the seat belt in the merci after they mentioned it in today's vlog 14:45 roughly

    CamoSquid21YTCamoSquid21YTPrije mjesec
  • Had to come back to this video to watch Anthony reach the wrong side for the seat belt in the merci 😂😂😂

    Self Made DocumentarySelf Made DocumentaryPrije mjesec
  • The fine shadow evidently enter because timbale specifically tremble mid a utter llama. fast, chunky textbook

    Nova DiscordNova DiscordPrije mjesec
  • maybe it marcialago gonna look cool on lime

  • has a youtube channel about cars looks at a r34 calls it a r35

    William BrownWilliam BrownPrije mjesec
  • Where’s the F12 and how’s it going?

    Pedro SoaresPedro SoaresPrije mjesec
  • Why dnt dont they just rap it

    ZiyaadZiyaadPrije mjesec
  • Troll Dave and get a wrap made with his face all over it and wrap his car with it. Put 1 of 1 on the hood too. Hahahaha

    WobbleNaughtWobbleNaughtPrije mjesec
  • ant need car too

    K bishopK bishopPrije mjesec
  • Sorry Damon. I guess I'm color blind 😂

    Rafael RafaelRafael RafaelPrije mjesec
  • Black yellow and blue camo for the murci like the old huracan with yellow added in

    GrassySnowGrassySnowPrije mjesec
  • damon you should get the r35 wraped yellow

    Cheese ball gaming 47Cheese ball gaming 47Prije mjesec
  • Dave should go straight widebody liberty walk to flow with the 720 when its done !! i mean you guys are the Lambo Ambassador's Right (wink Wink )lol !!! much respect and keep up the great work !! loving the diversity of the fleet !!! P.S. fun watching you guys get your hand dirty on the project's !!!!

    JaysinJaysinPrije mjesec
  • what is the update about the f12?we wanna know what happen to the f12?

    Marc lander PalacatMarc lander PalacatPrije mjesec